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Sawn timber

Rough and planed sawn timber

We produce rough sawn spruce and pine timber for construction works in various dimensions.

We offer wood lathes, squared timber, beams, and boards of different sizes.

The most common dimensions are 50×50, 50×100, 50×150, 100×100, 120×120, 150×150 mm, as well as 25×100, 25×125, and 25×150 mm.

We also produce planed spruce/pine finishing boards and flooring boards, both straight and profiled.

The most common types are 19×96 mm tongue-and-groove finishing boards and 14×96 mm half-lap finishing boards, 19×121 mm and 28×121 mm flooring boards, etc.

Second-grade sawn timber is also available.

Please call us in advance to check the availability of specific materials: 26 443 512

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